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What is Group Support Psychotherapy (GSP)

Group Support Psychotherapy is an innovative intervention developed by SEEK-GSP

SEEK-GSP is an innovative mental health program that creates mental health awareness, trains community lay health workers to recognize and respond to depression in order to improve the mental health of all Ugandans and other Africans. Through various activities, SEEK-GSP aims to address the considerable mental health treatment gap of 90% that exists between the need for mental health services and their availability. By doing so, it seeks to enable health facilities to provide mental health care that empowers individuals to thrive socially, emotionally and economically.

  1. It is highly effective for treating mild to moderate depression
  2. It can be adapted to any culture and delivered in any local language
  3. It is very cosft-effective; requiring only $13/patient
  4. It improves ART adherence and virus suppression
  5. It improves positive coping skills 
  6. 80% of participants complete all the 8 sessions and remain depression free for the next 24 months 

After completing the GSP training, you will be required to undertake an 8-week practicum wherein you will apply what you have learnt with the help of a mentor

What You Will Learn

Module 1

 Mental Health, Stress, and Wellbeing

Module 2

Depression, Anxiety Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Module 3

Anger,  Acute Stress Disorder & Domestic Violence

Module 4

Introduction to Culturally Sensitive Group-Support Psychotherapy

Module 5

Basic Communication & Counseling Skills

Module 6

Positive Coping Strategies to overcome depression


Problem-solving strategies and Coping with Stigma

Module 8

  Introduction to basic livelihood skills & Self Care

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an exceptionally uniqueExperience
tailored to you

When it comes to taking an online course, we understand your time is valuable. So we have put together practical skills that will revolutionize your counseling career. The techniques you are about to learn have been tested on patients living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa and they are very effective

The idea behind GSP is the groups are gender-specific

In the GSP sessions, groups formed are gender-specific and the counselor assigned to each group is of the same sex. Children groups are both gender and age specific

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Hear What Our Students Say

Dogo Ivo

Magistrate & State Prosecutor, High Court of Ndian, SW Region-Cameroon

The SEEK-GSP course healed me from post traumatic stress and empowered me to identify mental health disorders in my loved ones, litigants, juveniles delinquents and counsel them adequately.

Diomela Emerencia

Chief of Nursing Service, Yaounde General Hospital.

Training with SEEK GSP, has empowered me with good communication skills especially with my children in the house. I no longer threaten them by telling them I will report them to their father, but using good counselling skills, I’ve noticed a positive change in their behaviour these days .

Brenda Beri


The course has been so wonderful. I learnt how to properly counsel children and adults suffering from. Also, I have learnt great lessons that will improve my life and the lives of people around me